Bella Group Services in Support of our Community – Corporate Giving Program

Bella Group is a philanthropic business that is driven to support and engage with our local community. Supporting organisations that make a difference in the lives of Australians, and those throughout the world. e

We are proud to say that our organisation and employees contribute and benefit our local communities. It is our mission to employ locally, buy locally, and reinvest profits back into local communities.

Bella Group is a proud supporter of multiple organisations that have a positive impact on our world.

We seek and engage our Management Team and Staff to commit a portion of their time to a volunteer program. Staff Volunteering promotes a feeling of goodwill within the team uniting them outside of work whilst they seek to help others in our community. Providing a mutually beneficial service to both our team and the local community.

Other organisations that we support

Want to make your own contribution? You can head to the Firstchance or Save the Children website.