These comprehensive services provide our clients with project and operational management support.

The aim of these services is to offer a strategic partnership to concurrently manage a variety of client assets. For example, sporting facilities, campuses, plants, commercial buildings and hospitals may require utilities management support for security, garden maintenance, ground and waste management, general maintenance, machine-room and mechanical services, laundry, cleaning, housekeeping and food services, to name a few.

Bella Property Group has the resources to plan and deliver bespoke solutions to unique clients.

Strategic Facilities Management

This service provides maintenance planning, asset life cycle analysis and budgeting as well as proprietary management. For example, the holding and preparation of an asset for sale can require management solutions that allow asset owners to focus attention on outcomes, rather than processes. Bella Property Services can offer skilled short and medium-term strategic management solutions.

Operational Facilities Management

We assist with everyday operational management in order to maintain the efficiency of our clients’ facilities. This assists clients in running their businesses to their potential.

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